How do I place an order?

Ordering at Inovex Enterprises Pvt. Ltd .is easy. Placing your first order for SafixTM scrub pad ? Just select which scrub pad you like either the all-purpose scrub pad(small or large), the Soap Lift or the Body care scrub pad you want to shop, enter your shipping address and payment information and you are home.

If you need any assistance give us a call. We would love to take your order over phone.

How will my order be delivered to me?

For International destinations, your order would be delivered through UPS Courier at your doorstep.

How will I know if order is placed successfully?

Once your Order is successfully placed, you will receive a confirmation mail from Inovex Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. This mail will have all the details related to your order. Order details can also be viewed at My Account – My Orders if you have placed the order on your own online.

Do you take orders over phone?

Yes. We do take orders over phone but we don’t offer cash on delivery.

How do I check the status of my order?

Your order status is updated to you via emails at every step. Once your order is placed you would receive an email with your order details. Again after your order is dispatched we send you your tracking details. Please check spam for the status of your order. In case of any unforeseen events, which delays your order you would receive a special update from our end.

Can I place a bulk order for an item(s)?

In order to place  bulk orders, please drop a mail to with your requirements and the concerned team would get back to you.



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