A silent revolution is unfolding …

SAFIX™ SCRUB PAD has become a symbol of hope for hundreds of women who have been trained in cleaning loose coir fiber, a vital step for forming the scrub pad.
The lives of women have been grim, with very little access to education or healthcare. These women spend their lives burdened by household chores. They are even denied the freedom to be trained. What can be done to provide a brighter and more secure future for these women? Can they be equipped with skills to ensure a life of dignity and respect? A simple skill required for sorting of loose fiber, is a vital step for manufacturing a scrub pad which has transformed the lives of rural women in India.
Perhaps in a quest of finding answers to some of those questions, our company took it upon themselves to empower women in rural India, to give them a new beginning and a new deal.
Inovex Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. believes in the theory of reciprocity which means that since the company’s products are targeted at women consumers, so should it’s social endeavors which focus directly on economic empowerment.
Inovex Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. success has been built on a remarkable business model that is transforming the lives of millions of people in rural India. As the inventor of coconut based scrub pads, leading the company, initiated the concept of rural business process by embracing rural women to live a life of dignity and economic empowerment.
Inovex Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. believes that, every scrub pad sold in the global market will help millions of more women.